Tristan Horton

Sound Designer/Sound Editor/Field Recordist

An accomplished audio professional with 20 years of experience. Leveraging my expertise in sound design, sound editorial, field recording, re-recording mixing, and music editing to deliver immersive and visceral sonic experiences. With a particular emphasis on using sound in driving narrative and creating audience immersion. My experience ranges across a diverse variety of linear and non-linear media projects, including video games, documentaries, commercials, television, theatre productions, and immersive sound installations. My knowledge of sound design and editing is complemented by extensive field recording expertise, allowing me to capture and manipulate sounds in novel ways. With a deep understanding of the entire audio post-production process, I am capable of supervising challenging projects from beginning to end, assuring that every aspect of the sound is expertly crafted and seamlessly integrated.


sound design • sound editorial • mixing


sound design • sound editorial • cutscenes